Strategic Planning for Credit Unions

The “OneTeam Credit Union Planning” Method

Developed over 20 years, ISL’s “OneTeam Credit Union Planning” method is a one-of-a-kind planning process.


The “OneTeam Credit Union Planning” Method

Working together as a team, board and management jointly make critical strategic decisions about the CU’s future. They then create a Strategic Plan collaboratively together. The result is OUR PLAN – not just the board’s plan or management’s plan.

Keys to its success are:

  • Staying strategic and never getting into the weeds
  • Respecting the individual roles of board and management
  • Being highly efficient in the use of time
  • Turning plans into results and actions


John-Speaking-at-Table-1196How “OneTeam Credit Union Planning” Works:

  • Before the planning session, board and management jointly identify key “Tough Choice Decisions” about the future of the CU, such as:
    • How much do we want/need to grow? Why?
    • How much risk are we comfortable with?
    • Should we aggressively pursue mergers?
  • During the planning session, board and management jointly resolve the Tough Choice Decisions and develop a Strategic Plan for the next 3-5 years.
  • At the end of the session, participants walk out of the door with a draft of the Strategic Plan they have created together.
  • After the session, board and management meet again to create a Strategic Scorecard. The Strategic Scorecard defines what strategic success will look like in 3-5 years with annual numerical targets.



Keeping “Out of the Weeds:” Drawing the Line Between Strategic and Operational Planning


We use a visual model to help planners draw a line between what’s “strategic” (the focus of the OneTeam Planning process) and what’s “operational” (management develops afterwards in support of the Strategic Plan).

Clients tell us this model really works, even clients that have struggled staying strategic in the past.